The archive will in the future be updated with danish and norwegian salukis! Then we will have a complete nordic saluki archive!

And then, some rules....


One stacked photo and one head photo for each saluki.
We change the photos whenever you want us to.
We do have to have the photographers name, though, or else we can't publish the photos.
If you want to send your non-digital photos for scanning, please let us know.
The size of the photos shall always be 325x250 pixels and 192x250 pixels.
Please help us by sending in photos, so we can make the archive complete!
All photos belongs to the photographer, Please contact her/him if you want
to buy any photos.

Is something missing? Please let us know!
All information will be updated as soon as possible.

Other merits
Lure Coursing, Racing, agility, and all other things.

Other things
If you for example made a HD-xray.

If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, please let us know.

Photo of the week
You are welcome to send us photos for use on the frontpage.
It must be a headstudy. And the photo must be (or must be possible to make) 400x520 pixels. We also need the saluki's name and photographers name.